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‘Work with Us’ campaign

Work with Us – Industry Campaign (Phase 2)

In March 2021, ARREA launched the second phase of its Work With Us television campaign, calling on the nation’s political representatives to “work with” employers as they push to secure new major project investment, create jobs and assist with the national economic recovery.

Running on Sky News and social media channels, the campaign came as the Australian Parliament considered amendments to the Fair Work Act that would remove a significant amount of risk, uncertainty, and cost from Australia’s industrial relations system.

Work with Us – Industry Campaign (Phase 1)

in 2020 AREEA proudly ran a new campaign raising awareness of the industry’s contribution to the national wellbeing and calling on political and community stakeholders to ‘work with us’ on key issues.

The ‘Work with Us’ campaign focused on the sector’s role in the “future of work”, including through the creation of thousands of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) based jobs.

Throughout 2020, the campaign explored how the industry supports regional communities, funds vital community infrastructure and is playing a key role in the development of renewables and low-emissions technologies.

By using the #ProudResourceEmployer and #WorkWithUs hashtags, AREEA members helped spread the message of the campaign and the positive contribution of our industry.

Campaign Contact: [email protected]

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