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Your Partner in Courts and Tribunals

Whether you have limited internal capacity or a well-resourced employment team, appearing before Australia’s employment tribunal, the Fair Work Commission, can be a daunting and potentially risky experience for any resources and energy industry employer.

AREEA has standing as an employer industry association which comes in handy as the Fair Work Commission can restrict you from being represented by an external lawyer during proceedings.

AREEA’s advisors are recognised as the leading specialists in representing resource employers at the Fair Work Commission.

Acting like a specialist expert extension of your own internal employment teams, AREEA fills the void between your own resources and law firms. Further, we can even work with your trusted external legal advisors in more complex matters or those that may have wider legal or reputational impacts.

So the next time you need support or representation in the Fair Work Commission or courts on employment matters, the answer is AREEA.

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