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Tony Bradford

Providing Influence and Industry Advocacy since 1918

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Tony Bradford

Principal Workplace Relations Advisor
0428 368 708 | 03 9614 4777
[email protected]

Tony Bradford is AREEA’s Victorian-based Principal Workplace Relations Advisor and delivers consulting and education services to a broad range of members in the state and nationally.

With a background in human resources and industrial relations, Tony represents AREEA members in the Fair Work Commission; acts as a bargaining representative for employers in negotiations with unions; drafts, reviews and lodges enterprise agreements; designs and conducts training and education programs; and conducts independent investigations.

Tony is active in assisting companies to set up major construction and shutdown projects, including vetting potential sub-contractors and coordinating communications between Victorian AREEA members regarding industrial developments. He is also active in AREEA’s membership and events including facilitating regional engagement and briefings in areas including Sale, Bendigo and to the hydrocarbons upstream industry in the Bass Strait.

Tony started working in the field by designing and conducting training and education programs for people involved in management, frontline leadership and workforce representational roles. Much of Tony’s early experience was focused in industry specific and enterprise level programs associated with consultation for productivity improvement and enterprise bargaining. Tony has previously run his own consulting company, which operated successfully for 14 years across companies in the steel, glass, transport and food processing industries.

His consulting work involved designing and conducting strategic planning forums for senior management; facilitating negotiations for enterprise agreements at company group level; investigating EEO complaints and allegations of misconduct; and acting as a mediator/arbitrator in dispute situations. During this period Tony also worked briefly on contract for a number of employee organisations, including the Australian Workers’ Union.

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