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COVID-19 vaccine: Member Guide

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Workplace and workforce implications

AREEA has been working closely with members to understand the workforce implications the COVID-19 vaccination program may have on the industry.

To support members in this area AREEA has prepared a COVID-19 Vaccine Member Guide which provides updates on key developments with the vaccine roll-out and other workplace considerations.

For your copy of the guide email [email protected]

The COVID-19 Vaccine Member Guide includes:

  • Working towards a unified industry position on vaccination requirements
  • Guidance on establishing your position on whether employees require vaccinations
  • How to assess whether certain sections of the workforce should be vaccinated
  • Support for managing employees who are unable to be vaccinated
  • Other important considerations for resources and energy employers

Earlier this month, AREEA hosted a 30-minute webinar on key COVID-19 vaccine issues. If you missed it, email [email protected] to receive the webinar video link.

AREEA will continue to update its members on material developments in relation to the COVID-19 vaccines and will circulate updated editions of this Member Guide as necessary.

If you have any specific questions about vaccinations for your organisation, or for your copy of the guide, please contact 1800 627 771 or email [email protected]

AREEA’s expert workplace consultants are available to provide practical advice in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine in your workplace, via [email protected].


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