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​Gender diversity a priority for resources and energy employers

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Resources and energy employers have an intense focus on attracting more female talent to the industry, despite the latest Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) data showing only a small increase in representation.

WGEA’s 2019-20 Gender Equality Scorecard reveals female participation in the mining industry continues to increase at a slower than preferred rate, with women accounting for 18% of all employees, up from 17% in 2018-19.

“While the figures don’t show the desired level of growth, AREEA continues to guide and support many resources and energy employers committed to increasing their female workforce and leadership representation,” Tara Diamond, Director Operations, Australian Resources and Energy Group AREEA, said.

“Many employers have developed industry-leading policies and initiatives to attract and develop women into the resources and energy industry.

“This includes expanded paid parental leave, initiatives to progress more women into leadership positions and job re-design, just to name a few.”

AREEA also continues supporting the industry through its national workforce gender diversity and inclusion initiative, the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA).

“During the early stages of COVID-19, employers were challenged to focus on inclusion and diversity while essential operations took centre stage,” Ms Diamond said.

“However, we are now seeing a renewed focus to ensure they don’t miss out on the wide-ranging and long-term rewards of more inclusive and diverse workplaces.”

AREEA is also playing its part in building the pipeline of future industry skills through its Bright Future STEM primary school program.

“We are incredibly proud of the response and engagement as we continue rolling out the Bright Future STEM program to thousands of schoolkids across the country,” Ms Diamond said.

“In particular, the program helps breakdown gender stereotypes by showcasing inspirational female STEM professionals, while bringing to life Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects and how they link back to real jobs in resources and energy.”

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