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Industry Award

Mental Health & Wellbeing Award

The AREEA Mental Health and Wellbeing Award recognises a resources and energy industry organisation that has implemented a leading health, safety and/or wellbeing initiative that has made a positive impact on its workplaces and employees.

This important award recognises that resources and energy industry employers across Australia have shared commitment to physical and psychological safety in workplaces, with the mental health and wellbeing of our industry’s people playing a very large part of this commitment.

Nominees organisations must be an employer of a resource-related company at both the time of application and award presentation.

Award nominations should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 200 words on the opportunity/challenge identified by the organisation;
  • 300 words on developing and implementing the solution(s); and
  • 200 words on the outcome(s) and success metrics.
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Mental Health & Wellness Award Past Recipients
2019 | Compass Group (Australia)
Compass Group implemented a grassroots campaign encouraging employees to talk about mental health and feel comfortable in seeking assistance if facing personal challenges. A video message was compiled involving 4 employees talking about their personal battles, resulting in the ‘Got Your Back’ campaign. At the same time a peer support program was developed within the organisation. The campaign gained traction and interest across various social media platforms, which led to the #GotYourBack hashtag being emblazoned on PPE, helping a number of employees seek and receive support for mental health.
2018 | Gold Fields Australia
Gold Fields Australia has implemented a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation early intervention and wellness program, including sessions with specialist practitioners to proactively reduce health risks, early intervention in physical rehabilitation and expedite recovery and decrease non-work-related injuries transitioning to work-related injuries. The program’s success rate with improved health outcomes impressed judges.
2017 | McDermott Australia
McDermott Australia implemented the ‘FIFOcus Offshore Wellness’ Program to cater for the unique needs of its workers aboard two construction vessels servicing the INPEX-operated Ichthys LNG Project, offshore north-western Australia. This is an innovative program based on four pillars, Mental Health, Emotional Stability, Social Engagement and Physical Wellbeing, designed specifically to cater to the needs of our workforce offshore and delivered in their workplace. Championed by the offshore medic, the program includes regular visitors to the vessels to delivered presentations, quiz nights, exercise/relaxation, meditation classes, nutrition and health and wellbeing information packages, fitness competitions, flu vaccinations and a variety of other services all tailored at the key areas that the offshore workforce deemed most relevant.  Read more about McDermott Australia’s health and wellness initiative here.
2016 | New Hope Group
To change the health culture, New Acland developed the ‘Live Well, Work Well’ program to help employees take ownership of their own health and wellness. The success of the program was built around management support, a health and wellness committee, and the use of local allied health professionals. Practical aspects included monthly tool box presentations, in-cabin and at-crib coaching, supervisor training, weekly communication tools, and biannual employee health challenges. The outcome has been an empowered workforce with almost 80% making positive changes to their health, which will lead to reducing risk indicators for chronic disease. Read more about New Hope Group’s health and wellness initiative here.
2015 | Sodexo Australia (Workforce Innovation Award)
Specialists in facilities management, Sodexo is bringing mental health and wellbeing to front of mind by building awareness and promoting open discussion among the workforce through its ‘I Hear You’ campaign. Employees learn the skills to identify signs of personal crisis in friends, family and colleagues, and can help to facilitate meaningful support for those in need.  Find out more about Sodexo’s ‘I Hear You’ campaign here and here.


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