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Tara Diamond

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Tara Diamond

Deputy Chief Executive

Tara Diamond is Deputy CEO of the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association.

Reporting to AREEA’s Board and Chief Executive, Tara holds responsibility for a range of critical services and projects meeting the evolving workforce needs of AREEA members spanning the mining, oil and gas, and allied service sectors.

Tara is instrumental in driving AREEA’s growth and industry strategy. She oversees an enthusiastic team delivering AREEA’s membership, policy and public affairs, events, media and communications functions, as well as industry projects promoting workforce inclusion, mental health and wellness, skilling and workforce development.

As an appointee to the Commonwealth Government’s National Workplace Relations Consultative Council, Tara represents the employee and industrial relations policy interests of AREEA members at the Commonwealth Government level.

Tara also leads AREEA’s national diversity initiative, the Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA), which assists resource employers to build more gender diverse workforces.

Her experience in developing projects to meet the industry’s skills challenges saw Tara spend several years on the Commonwealth’s Australian Industry Skills Committee, guiding reform of Australia’s national vocational education and training (VET) policies and training packages.

Prior to joining AREEA in 2011, Tara held a number of management, commercial business and specialist marketing roles in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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