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Steve Knott’s speech at Geoff Bull’s Fair Work ceremonial sitting

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In a welcome speech at a ceremonial sitting of Fair Work Australia today, AREEA Chief Executive Steve Knott congratulated former AREEA Director of Workplace Policy, Geoff Bull on his appointment to the Fair Work tribunal.

Steve’s wide-ranging and candid speech covered everything from Geoff’s contributions to AREEA’s migration services, his achievements as an IR lawyer and his dedication to his clients – which for one offshore member, included simulated helicopter drops and open water diving.

In his speech, Steve Knott said:

“On behalf of industry as a whole, and the resource industry in particular, I would like to congratulate Geoff Bull on his appointment to the tribunal, one that is very well-observed and which I know fulfils a long-time aspiration.

“Geoff’s achievements include establishing AREEA’s Migration Services to provide a much-needed skilled migration policy and consultancy service to AREEA members and employers across the board that need to use skilled labour from overseas to supplement their local workforces.

“During his time at AREEA, Geoff has managed workplace relations issues in the oil and gas sector, particularly in the areas of offshore drilling, remotely operated vehicles, offshore construction, vessel operations and diving.

“With the appointments of not only Geoff Bull but former ACCI workplace policy director, David Gregory, the tribunal and the Federal Government have helped to inspire more confidence among industry that not only will they continue to be consulted in relation to tribunal appointments, but that the decisions coming out of the tribunal will include additional input from members with direct business and employer experience.

“There is no doubt Geoff brings a wealth of industry and life experience to the ranks of Fair Work Australia and I would like to commend the government and Minister Shorten for the level of consultation that accompanied the latest round of appointments.

“It is clear Geoff ticks all the boxes in terms of the competencies that would be required to make him an outstanding commissioner – things like conflict resolution, industry expertise, negotiation skills and fairness.

“I congratulate Geoff on his outstanding achievements to date, including his many contributions during his time at AREEA, and wish him all the best in what I’m sure will be a long and rewarding career with the federal industrial umpire.”

To read Steve Knott’s full speech, click here.

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