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Martin Ferguson resignation huge loss: Australian Mines and Metals Association (AREEA)

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29 May 2013

NATIONAL resource industry employer group, AREEA, says Martin Ferguson will be sorely missed from Australia’s political discourse following his announcement today that he will not recontest this year’s Federal Election.

Paying tribute to the former Minister for Resources and Energy, AREEA chief executive Steve Knott says Mr Ferguson has been held in very high regard by resource industry employers during his time as both Minister and Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources.

“During his most recent ministerial role in the resources portfolio, Martin Ferguson was held in very high regard as one of the few members of this current government who understood the business of doing business,” Mr Knott says.

“Mr Ferguson was also highly regarded as the spokesperson for resources and energy when in Opposition.

“When engaging and consulting with resource sector employers and representative groups, he always put the needs of this very important Australian industry before party politics.

“He also demonstrated a strong understanding of our industry’s practical issues, policy requirements and challenges in the areas of workplace relations and skills shortages.

“This was good for the strength of our industry, it was good for employment and economic growth, and it was good for our general national interest.

“AREEA and our members wish Mr Ferguson and his family all the best in his life beyond politics. He has served this country, not just the ALP and ACTU, with great distinction.

“We also urge his successors in the next Australian Government, whether it be the ALP or Coalition, to closely heed Mr Ferguson’s parting warning about the future of our industry and our country.

“The next government must work very closely with industry to ensure our country doesn’t continue to undo the work of political leaders like Martin Ferguson in making Australia’s resource industry a globally attractive place to invest and employ people.

“As the former minister articulated today, this is about ending class warfare rhetoric; putting a stop to the demonisation of an industry that creates 1.1 million jobs in the Australian economy; and providing the policy platform to wind back escalating development costs and sovereign risk.”

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