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AREEA-PitCrew Labour Market Index – May 2013

The AREEA-PitCrew Labour Market Index is a unique resource industry report. The index provides a measure of the relative level of labour shortage or availability for major Australian resource, energy and infrastructure projects, with the scale ranging from good availability to acute shortage.

This index shows that while construction workforce numbers are coming off a massive peak in 2012, during 2013 Australia will still see 98,869 people walk through the gate of a major resources, energy or infrastructure projects.

LNG investment is having the most significant impact on the demand for labour and, despite the need for urgent policy action to address productivity and cost pressures, employment numbers are still set to increase over 2013 towards an expected peak in 2014.

The Index also shows that while Queensland and Western Australia are home to the majority of major projects, the Northern Territory will experience the greatest labour shortages.

Labour demand for the Northern Territory’s emerging resource industry will peak at 5,644 skilled construction and trade workers in the coming year, but availability risks being just half of that. The AREEA-Pit Crew Labour Market Index draws from the proven labour forecasting system developed by specialist firm Pit Crew Management Consulting.

Click here to view the May 2013 AREEA-PitCrew Labour Market Index.

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